Should the Tube run later?

The Mayor of London today announced that he will be consulting Londoners on plans to run the tube later.

Due to the need for down-time in which to carry out engineering works, the tube cannot feasibly be shut for a shorter amount overnight. So, the crucial dilemma that Londoner's face is whether to let the tubes run an hour later on Friday and Saturday evenings, allowing them to open an hour later on Saturday and Sunday mornings to compensate...

For what it's worth, I'm in favour of the later opening. It's an arse missing the last tube home when you're out late at the weekends, and I'm never up that early in the morning. It's difficult to predict the figures, but I reckon that more people will use the tube in that extra evening hour than currently use the tube in the early morning hours.

Details about the consultation and how Londoners can give their views have not yet been announced.

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