London gig listings on Rare FM

I've been rapidly expanding the Rare FM website rapidly over the last few months. As well as a new film section, we've also launched a new gig listings (for London) section.

The whole site is built using Movable Type in various different ways. Some pages are built using index templates, others using blog entries. The new gig listing section uses one blog entry for each gig - with the authored-on date post-dated to the day of the gig. Each entry has a individual archive page, but they are only linked to if there's something in the extended entry. There's also weekly listings, and an RSS feed, which group entries by day.

Movable Type has its problems, especially when used in such a bastardised way, but it also allows the site to be easily updated by a number of people, and using such a popular piece of software as a CMS should mean that it's easier to handover to new people at the end of the year.