1 Year, 200 Posts Later...

Today is the one year anniversary of when I started blogging. This is also (mostly coincidentally) my 200th post (the ID numbers are slightly out). So, I thought I'd take the opportunity to write a self-indulgent, look-back at my past year of blogging...

My first post, Electric Soft Parade, was simply a photo taken on a mobile phone at a gig. This was partly a test just to get some content up (the gig was a while back), but it also foreshadowed a trend whereby I'd post tons of mobile-photos, forming a photoblog. Whilst the photos are crap, and sometimes uninteresting, I tried to stick by the principle that the photos should be a stimulus for writing about something (and were often a reminder to myself), rather than simply being for the sake of it.

I always knew that the use of categories would be important, as I'm interested in and write about a wide range of stuff. However, as the categories evolved, they became more like 'tags', with entries having lots of short tags rather than a single more detailed category. I've created more and more categories as I've gone along. The top 5 of the last year though are (not including photoblog):

  1. London (43)
  2. websites (30)
  3. university (22)
  4. radio (20)
  5. technology (15)

I've also changed backend, from a few of my own scripts to Movable Type (though still using XSLT as a template).