Local history books for North London

I've been reading more local history books...

The first is Metro-land, which is a facsimilie of the 1924 edition of 'Metro-land', a pamphlet published by the Metropolitan Railway to promote travel on their tube network and home ownership in the North London area. The 1924 edition also promoted the British Empire Exhibition, which was taking place then. The Metropolitan Railway was unique in building lines the middle of nowhere, and then building estates around their stations to rent out ('build and they will come').

The second book, Images of London - Camden Town and Kentish Town contains mostly historic photos and descriptions of places in Camden and Kentish Town. Some of my favorites are photos of recognisable places, like pubs, churches and train stations, which are still there today. It's also amusing to see the front page of the Daily Mirror (Dec 13th, 1907) reporting on a MURDER in Camden - nothing changes, hey? The section on traders is particularly interesting, as it seems that there used to be loads of Sainsbury's in Kentish town, with three on the high street and three on Queen's Crescent Road, where the Sainsbury's family lived above their shop for a while. All in all, there were better shops then than there are now.