Living In A Tube Map: Totteridge And Whetstone

Yesterday I had a couple of photos that I wanted to use up on a disposable camera and an hour or so to spare, and so I decided to contribute to the 'Living In A Tube Map Project'. I hopped on a northbound Northern Line tube train, and alighted at the intriguing-sounding 'Totteridge And Whetstone' station. This was the result, also posted at the Living In A Tube Map website:

Totteridge And Whetstone is the last-but-one stop at the top end of the High Barnet branch of the Northern Line.


I took a trip there to see what I could see. Surprisingly, the area is quite country-side like, and the tube station is on the middle of a steep hill. The area seemed mostly residential. Next to the tube station is a small line of businesses, consisting of a couple of florists, a newsagent, a small gift and greeting cards shop, a tiny cafe (only open till 3PM), a beauticians, a caterers, an antiques shop, a locksmiths, dry cleaners, hairdressers, a 'brasserie' (also closed when I visited at 4.30PM), and no less than three estate agents.


Round the corner from the tube station, however, was something much more interesting - a band of green land which stretched alongside the tube line into the distance. It was here, along the 'Dollis Valley Green Walk', that I took the following photos. The first is of a small stream, hidden amongst a few trees and much bramble:


The second is a shot of the greenway itself, with tube train sneaking along on the left hand side: