Lunchtime Lecture: 'A Cyber Guernica?'

This Thursday, 3rd Feb, UCL is holding a 'lunchtime lecture' entitled: 'A Cyber Guernica? Cyberterrorism and Information Warfare after 9/11'. Here's the blurb:

Cyberterrorism is a worrying concept; a combination of two feared but misunderstood phenomena, the online environment and terrorist activity. The threat of cyberterrorism and information warfare has been sensationalised by the press, yet derided as exaggerated by some commentators. How effective can information warfare techniques be, and how worried should we be about the prospect of terrorists using them? The area is shrouded in secrecy and such techniques thrive because of their deniability. Nevertheless, this lecture will use what information is available to try to answer these questions and reach a measured assessment of this much discussed area.

It runs from 1:15pm to 1:55pm in the Darwin Lecture Theatre, is free and is open to the general public (no ticket required).

Update: This was an interesting lecture, but came to no real conclusions as to whether cyber terrorism is a genuine threat or not.