'The BBC should rescue language': Evil View in Linguistics

Another quick linguistics-related post, this time on an article I've just found entitled: A Criticism of Modern Linguistics with Suggestion for Improvement of English through the BBC.

The article is so hideously awful, utterly reactionary, absurdly over-the-top and just plain wrong that you can only really laugh. The author, who clearly is an old-fashioned, Latin-loving fool, has a deep hatred of modern Linguists, and even goes so far as to compare modern Linguistic theory to dogma presented by Stalin!

The ultimate joke is that as the author postulates that 'broadcasting in television and radio is the prime influence on language, a far bigger influencer of English than either school or parents' (an idea that's provably wrong), his suggested remedy involves the BBC re-writing their scripts so as to propogate 'correct' usage...

This whole article can be written off as a joke, but more worrying is that the author is a member of the hideously-named Queen's English Society, which is trying to persuade educationalists to read classics to 5 year olds so that they can learn to 'speak better'. Argghh!! Don't listen to these fools!!