Oystercard Capping: Coming Soon!

As discussed in the comments of one of my previous Oystercard posts, London Underground is finally going to introduce Capping to the Oystercard, the BBC reports. This will mean the total daily Pre-Pay fare will be capped at the daily travelcard or bus pass rate, no matter how many journeys you take. The Pre-Pay fares will still be deducted from your card as you travel, but the discount will be calculated overnight and credited back to your card by the next morning.

This is great news as you only have to make a few tube journeys on Pre-Pay before it costs more than a Travelcard, and it will save you from having to make those 'how many journeys will I make today' kind of estimations. (If only mobile phone companies would adopt the same model).

My only request now would be that they extend the capping scheme to cover period travelcards and bus passes too...