Possible New UCL Union Societies

This Thursday sees the most interesting, and arguably most important, Activities Board of the year, as we will be deciding which new clubs and societies get affilliated to UCL Union.

The list of applications is as follows:

I'll probably be arguing for as many of them to be affilliated as possible, in particularly the human-pyramid society, who sound fantastic.


The following societies were affilliated:

The Snooker and Snooker & Pool Societies will be reconsidered at a later date, with a view to affilliating one of them or a combined club.

I was mostly pleased with the outcome, although the meeting did go way over schedule (lasting 4.5 hours in the end, instead of the planned 2). On a few occassions there was clear opposition from the sabbatical officers present, who seemed to want to affilliate as few societies as possible, which was disappointing.