The End of (American) Radio?

Haven't got time to properly report on this, but I've just come across some interesting US-based articles on 'the end of radio', the first by Long Tail entitled Exploding Radio, the second by Rag's Soapbox entitled The End of Radio (as we know it), both are a reaction to articles written in Wired Magazine.

Both examine the claim that traditional (analogue) radio broadcasting in the States is 'hosed'. Interestingly, whilst listening figures in the USA are at 'a 27-year low', listening figures in the UK are on the (gradual) rise. DAB is really taking hold here, with sets being sold at an increasing rate. Internet radio seems to have been slower to catch on, but can only grow with the increase in broadband.

So will radio audiences fragment? Yes and no. We'll see an increase in niche radio stations, but there's always going to be the big-hitters. There's a part of radio which works best with big audiences after all...