New 101 Things To Do Official Blog

The author of the cool book 101 Things To Do Before You Die Richard Horne (an illistrator) left a comment on one of my previous blog entries that announced my 101 things to do minisite.

Richard is apparently 'inspired' by my site, so much so that he's created his own 101 blog. There's no RSS feed yet (although he tells me he'll look into providing this), but it's looking pretty good (and a nice link to me too).

I was pleased at his reaction, especially as I was initially worried that my publishing the 101 things list might be in breach of copyright (which it probably is, but I imagine that it can only promote sales of the book).

I also pointed Richard towards 43 Things, which in many ways is the '101 things to do' concept grown into a full website community.

Hopefully, Richard will be able to keep up his blog and we'll all be able to see how he's getting on with the 101 things to do. Meanwhile, I'm hoping to write my name over a star's on the walk of fame and ride some more of the World's biggest rollercoasters whilst in LA next week.