Nicole Kidman on Jonathan Ross

Well, I made it back from LA okay, and had a great time. More about that later, but meanwhile...

Did anyone catch Nicole Kidman on Jonathan Ross's show tonight. If so, don't you think that his treatment of the star was apalling? Now, I never like Ross at the best of times. He's a smarmy, self-centred git consistantly trotting out crap scripted jokes and sucking up to his guests and whatever film/book/album they're plugging no matter what it is. His treatment of Kidman was, however, simply appalling.

Nicole Kidman's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which I spotted whilst in LA last week.

From the outset, Ross made it clear that the main comedic focus of the interview was going to be him lusting over her good looks. Cheap and dull, Kidman was clearly bored and frustrated with these cheap jokes, remarking 'you're repeating yourself' when Ross commented yet again how attractive she is. Ross pushed it though, making lude remarks about her (such as them sharing a jacuzzi, him biting her nose, etc).

Ross also continually teased Kidman over her comments about arriving into the UK at midnight (and so not being sure what day that counted as) and her commenting that her mother once told her to 'pull herself together', to which Ross commented that she was a 'hard-nosed bitch' - clearly offending Kidman.

Not only this, but Ross also frequently got his research wrong, with Kidman having to correct him, and frequently ignored Kidman's answers to his questions, sticking to the script and his lude anecdotes instead (one of which referred to a red-headed woman's brazillian as looking like 'a fish finger').

In short, Ross was an obnoxious twat, with Kidman visibly uncomfortable throughout the interview (commenting at one point 'i don't know whether to just end this now').

Someone get this wanker off our TV screens, please!


The BBC says: "Nicole Kidman was a wonderful guest with a great sense of humour who made a good interview even better with her responses. She didn't take offence at Jonathan's line of questioning and any regular viewers of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross will know that part of Jonathan's interviewing technique is a certain amount of innuendo. Nicole Kidman reacted superbly and this made for an extremely entertaining interview." Humpf.

Further Update:

Media Guardian reports on the complaints about the Jonathan Ross show, including the Shirley Ghostman interview (which I didn't watch). The article quotes one viewer as saying Ross subjected Kidman to "continuous sexual innuendoes and salacious suggestions - much to Nicole's clear discomfort and embarrassment", and comments that Kidman looked "confused and unprepared for the experience", saying "I hate these shows, I want to get off" during the interview. So on what basis exactly can the Beeb claim that Kidman wasn't offended and reacted superbly? (Note: the BBC seems to have replaced the previous response with a new one which no longer mentions the Kidman interview)