Happy Slapping Again

The Guardian has published a new special report on the 'happy slapping' craze, which I covered a while back in my blog post, which has since become the most popular page on this blog, attracting a staggering 45,000 hits.

The guardian article quotes some of the comments people have posted to my blog post (though it describes this blog as a 'London community web forum'...), and reports that the fad is now a 'nationwide phenomonen', with attacks becoming increasingly violent.

Across the web, Engadget, picturephoning and smart mobs have all picked up on the Guardian story. An older post from the mobile weblog links the craze with the Tango ads, but I'm not so convinced about that.

If teachers, journalists or members of the public have any reports on this craze taking place, please leave a comment below.

Update: girlfriend of TV presenter Matthew Wright victim of happy slap attack, the BBC reports.