New Radio Show: Launching This Thursday

After a recent lull in terms of my radio broadcasting activity, I've decided to launch a new weekly radio show this Thursday. Now that I've finished Uni, I have some time once again to put a real effort into preparing shows, and I'm looking forward to getting creative again.

The show will be broadcast on Thursdays from 6-7PM on Rare FM (see information on how you can listen live) and will then be available for download as an mp3 (or 'podcast', if you like) a few hours after the show.

I've yet to work out an exact format, but it will be mostly speech, including some pre-recorded features, with a few select records to break it up.

The content will be, like on this blog, anything that I happen to be interested in. Regular content will include a look at the week's news, developments from the online/weblog world, and reviews of stuff I've done in the city that week. I'm also hoping to put together a few features. Suggestions, either original ideas or stuff I've mentioned on the blog, are welcome.

So, stay tuned for more info, and listen in to the first show this week!