Degree Result (BA Linguistics @ UCL)

So, I found out last week that I had gotten a 2:i in my degree, which is a BA Linguistics from UCL. It wasn't a huge surprise, as the third year only counted for 50%, and I had already had some results. However, it's nice to have it confirmed.

I got some pleasing results from the individual courses, including an A from 'issues in pragmatics', with the inspiring Deirdre Wilson commenting that my essay 'made her think' (it was about metaphysics and epistemiology).

Co-incidentally, the Guardian has also recently published an article about linguistics at UCL, which comments that the field of linguistics is 'home to the greatest nature-nurture debate going'.

Overall, I really enjoyed the degree course. There's a lot of flexibility, and it's a wide-ranging discipline covering everything from philosophy to the vocal anatomy. The lecturers were mostly excellent too, huge figures in their fields.

The rest of my department did really well too, mostly getting 2:is, with a couple of 2:iis and a few 1s. So, celebrations all round!