7 Million Londoners, 1 London

These posters have gone up everywhere in London over the past couple of weeks. Some of them are minimally sponsored by an energy company, but mostly they just carry the Mayor of London stamp.

The Mayor's new One London states: "Londoners will not be divided by acts of terrorism. Seven million Londoners, one London. Show your support and help promote the message by joining our 'One London' campaign today."

The 'campaign' mostly seems to consist of putting up posters, banners on websites, stickers in car windows or wearing the pins (which I've just ordered, out of curiousity).

I'm all for the 'united London' sentiment, but I'm not entirely sure what this campaign does other than giving everyone a logo to stand behind (or, more bizarrely, stare at).

Actually, I don't even think the logo is that great. I initially read it as '71 million londoners'... This one is better: