Playing Poker for TV

Last Friday, I was invited to play poker for new satellite TV channel Pokerzone. A bit random. They got my name from someone else who had interviewed me about student radio for a magazine feature (to be published at a later date).

The show will be going out in a month or so, and is dubbed 'Media 2500' - because all the contestants were from the 'medja'. Other jocks playing were Ian Kenyon from BBC Radio Cleveland, Neil Bentley and Chris Brooks from Capital FM and Tom "Wild Card" Rhys from Viking FM.

The prize money was £2,500 (pictured above), and we weren't playing with our own money, so it was all good fun. I've played poker a bit before, but only for low stakes with friends. Amusingly, I wasn't the least experienced player, as Tom Rhys hadn't played at all before (and had to call the Devilfish on his breakfast show to get some advice). A couple of the players, who were journalists working on a new London weekly sports paper, played tons though, including in some professional tournaments.

Playing against such a random bunch of strangers was a bit intimidating, and so I ended up playing quite conservatively. I made a few decent early wins though, and thankfully wasn't eliminated first. However, I didn't get down to the final six, so I won't get seen on TV. It was fun though, and they gave us a nice box of poker chips as a consolation prize.

To find out who won, you'll have to watch the show. There's a possibility that they'll be organising an all-students tournament in the future. Poker is apparently a growing business!