My Life: An Update

Crikey. Have been too busy to have been able to think of much to post here recently, so this will be one of those inward-looking posts that just quickly lets you know what I'm doing at the moment.

Have settled in quite nicely to my new flat in South London suburbia. It's very quiet, but the flat is nice and light and airy. Just about everything is unpacked, including all the books, which are sitting on a cheap bookcase I bought (and assembled) from Argos.

Am enjoying work too. Haven't done much that's public facing yet (aside from publishing the odd change to the website), but there's lots of behind the scenes stuff that's in progress.

I'm trying to spend a bit of time at lunchtimes and at the end of the day wandering around, looking at some of the more obscure galleries. I've started a quick Flickr group in which to share the photos. Looking through some of the other photos that people have taken (and the cluster analysis really helps here), it's interesting to se which objects people have chosen to photograph. Some objects are the big iconic ones, others are amusing or interesting ones from some of the smaller galleries, like the poo lunchbox, an apple performa or (my favorite) the prestel machine.

In other news, the Student Radio Awards 2005 judging process is moving along fairly smoothly, and I'm also project managing the delivery of the website, which is being designed and coded by Rik Ward. In a break from tradition, the site will be flat html, and will be designed to be future-proof, with permanent URLs and proper XHTML coding. It will go live just before the nominations are announced on 22nd September.

I'm off to Wales for the weekend, which should be nice. Taking the journey up on my own, so will have to stock up on books and magazine.