Podcast Con: Initial Thoughts

I went along to the podcast con[ference] today, as previously plugged. In many ways, it was a really successful conference, being really well organised, in a decent venue, with some good speakers and an interesting range of delegates.

I'm not going to bother blogging my reactions to any of the individual talks just yet, thoughts are still buzzing around my head, but I will add some general comments.

One of the most obvious observations to make about the event was that there was a definate division between the people there because they love podcasts as a 'bottom-up', community-born form, and those who were there in a more professional capacity as mainstream commercial broadcasters interested in how they can leverage (exploit?) new platforms. Whilst this wasn't an absolute line in the sand, the ensuing tension between the different agendas did bubble to the surface on a few occassions, most notably during the talk by Virgin Radio's James Cridland.

It was really nice to catch up with a few people I either haven't met before, or haven't seen for a while, including Jo Twist (BBC News journalist), who called me 'a real early adopter', Ben Metcalfe (who I ranted at about something to do with the BBC's iMP, for some reason), James Cridland, Matt Deegan, and plenty of others whose names I've already forgotten.

I didn't bother to jot down copius notes or take many photos of the event as I figured others would do that, as they have. Heck, there'll probably even be a podcast of the whole shebang.

As to whether I'll start a proper podcast of my own any time soon... Well, maybe.