Spooks and the current anti-terror legislation row

Showing yet again its uncanny ability to be topical and pertinant to current affairs, this evening's Spooks episode was all about a suspect released from prison after two years of being held without charge under anti-terrorism legislation - an issue currently riding high in the news.

At first, it seems that this suspect is going to carry out a terrorist attack, and has been planning the strike from prison. But in a neat plot twist, it all turns out to be a case of mistaken identity - this man is innocent, whilst someone with the same name is the real suspect. Meanwhile, there's all sorts of shenanagans involving the poor guy's family being used as hostages to make him carry out a real assasination.

All good spy fun, but there's a political edge. Files emerge showing that Special Branch knew about the suspects innocence all along, but buried this information - to get someone a promotion but also, perhaps, under political pressure.

The timing of this episode couldn't possibly have been better, with today's Independent front page screaming the headline 90 Days: Outcry at terror suspect plans. I'm sure that the media is bound to pick up on this striking co-incidence...