The Vesuvius Club

Have recently finished reading The Vesuvius Club, a novel by Mark Gatiss, who wrote for and starred in The League of Gentlemen (which I've never seen).

The book follows the life of an Edwardian-era British spy (who happens to live in Number Nine Downing Street), as he uncovers a mystery that seems him travelling off around the volcanoes of Italy. The detective aspect of the story isn't the most compelling bit of it though, as really it's all about the style, wit and audacity of the protagonist, who talks in outlandish prose and fancies himself immensely.

I don't usually like reading 'period' novels, but this one does manage to capture the sense of the era (faithfully or not, I couldn't tell), and does so in an enjoyable way.

As the first novel that I've found time to read for ages, it's enthused me to start reading fiction a bit more again...