Party Season

One thing that's great about the run up to Christmas is all the parties you get invited to. I'm determined to go all-out for it this year, and am currently going to:

Added to that list are the two I went to on Monday night. I went along to the BBC Backstage meetup, as spotted by James in this photo (I bet Riya couldn't pick out my face in that blur). The attendees were almost entirely male, the beard quotient was high (even Mr Metcalfe was sporting facial hair), but I had a nice chat with a few new people. It was also nice to be able to wish Martin Belam well, before he heads off on his journey into the unknown around Europe.

After this I headed over to Angel for the Rare FM xmas bash (Rare FM is the student radio station I used to manage whilst at Uni). They had a couple of bands playing live, and had managed to pack out the decently sized bar. The £3/4 entry fee included a free goodie bag, containing a few odds and ends including a special xmas cd compiled by Ed Jefferson (it's great, thanks).

I'm impressed, and pleased, that the station is now able to put on great nights. With the Student Union's own entertainments going down the shitter, it can only be a matter of time before Rare FM becomes a key player in the UCL social scene.