Will Self on the Science Museum

Was amused to read Will Self talking about the Science Museum (where I work as a Web Developer) in his column in the Saturday Independent this week.

'The best way of reducing my children to hysterical and bemused laughter is to take them to the Science Museum in London, specifically to the basement. For down in the bowels of the building, there is an exhibition of domestic technology. Here are those gas fires, with peculiar coral-like elements, that whiffled through childhoods of those of us over 40. Here are cavernous, cracked commodes and Hoovers that resemble a motorcycle engine lashed to a bolster. I find all of it entrancing: an eight track stereo player or an Unwin typewriter can yank me into a nostalgic reverie far more effectively than any text or celluloid. But that's not why I bring the kids here - I bring them for Ping.'
Will Self: PsychoGeography #118 (payment required for full article)

Ping (or 'pong', as some people also call it), is in the Secret Life of the Home exhibition, and is indeed very amusing. We also have an 'interactive' toilet, which always used to contain a plastic turd, although I think it has now been removed.

I like Will Self - must remember to read one of his books. I think my girlfriend Fiona started reading one, but said it was 'too weird' to finish, which I can well believe...