Student Radio Conference 2006 - Southampton

On Monday, I announced on behalf of the Student Radio Association that after considering bids from various universities, we had decided to go with Southampton to be our hosts for this year's student radio spring conference. It was a tough decision - we did it over a lunch meeting in Birminham at the weekend after evaluating the bid documents against various criteria.

Over the few weeks and months we'll be busy planning the conference, which takes place from Monday 10th to Wednesday 12th April. We're expecting around 200-250 delegates to attend (up on last year's conference at Edinburgh, but about the same as the year before), and so it's quite an organisational task.

We've already asked for suggestions on what kind of sessions we should hold, which I think is really important. I'm personally quite in favour of getting more students to take part in the panels/presentations (as well as radio professionals) - the student radio awards has shown that there's a lot of talent out there.

The student radio conference is also infamous for its evening entertainments, so that will be a big deal too. I know that one member of our Exec committee has already starting thinking about the pub quiz...

The conference isn't quite like new media conferences (radio geeks are different from internet geeks), but I'm wondering whether it'd be a good idea and feasible to set up wireless internet access for anyone who brings their laptop.

It's all going to be great fun...