Lazytown children's tv programme

I've become addicted to watching Lazytown, broadcast on BBC2 (branded as CBeebies) in the mornings. The programme is made in Icelandic by producer Magnús Scheving, who also plays the lead character, superhero 'Sportacus'.

Magnús, a former world-class athlete, became concerned about childhood fitness and created the show to give kids a healthy role model. The basic setting is simple. Stephanie, an 8 year old girl with bright pink hair, arrives in cartoony LazyTown, where kids Ziggy (nice but dim, eats too many sweets), Stingy (posh snob who doesn't like sharing), Trixie ('free-spirited' natural leader) and Pixel (gadget obsessed geek) live and play. She tries to get them to be more active, but they're just too lazy. So Stephanie and the mayor, who loves the laziness but also wants the people to be fitter (''ow can one man be in favor of all these contradictory things? Well, he is a politician, after all') get help from superhero health free Sportacus, who jumps around a lot and has a crazy pencil-thin moutache.

Following so far? Well it's not quite that easy, as evil villain Robbie Rotten, who lives in an underground lair (like all good baddies) where he watches tv, is out to try and foil Sportacus, whose Kryptonite-like weakness is if he accidentally eats refined sugar, rather than the 'sports candy' vegetables he normally eats (raw).

It's all good stuff. The programme is genuinely funny, utterly nuts, warm-hearted, entertaining and full of some great song and dance routines (which seem to use Aqua-style pop/dance music), the most often repeated of which is called 'Bing Bang'.

The good thing about watching it in the morning before work is that you feel that you have lots of energy for the rest of the day, even if you don't actually do anything...