Student Radio Weblog

Yesterday evening I set up a student radio weblog for the Student Radio Association. This is something we've been planning to do for a while - as I reckon that it might turn out to be a good way to share experience and knowledge amongst student radio stations, as I describe in the blog is born.

From experience, though, I know that collaboratively-written group blogs are much harder to keep going than personal ones. I've kicked things off with an article on online streaming formats, and have asked for people who want to contribute to e-mail me, but that won't be enough. To get things to a point where people are regularly posting and commenting will require a bit more effort - and so we'll try to approach people who we think might like to contribute. Hopefully, the fast-approaching student radio conference will help gather interest.

As someone who reads blogs and writes one, it's easy to get carried away with 'the power of blogs' - so it will be interesting to see whether this new group blog actually works, or just slowly dies. I think it's worth a try either way.