Don't Suspend Our Mayor

I was shocked to hear today that The Adjudication Panel for England has ruled that Ken Livinstone should be suspended for a month over the 'Nazi jibe' to an Evening Standard reporter - BBC News article.

As many have pointed out, it's grossly unfair that an unelected body should be able to suspend an elected representative over what amounts to an insult uttered unofficially within his private life. Ken Livingstone has done nothing illegal, and even whether his remark was justified is a matter of opinion.

I suspect that many Londoners are rightly outraged. It will be interesting to see what Ken Livingstone's next move will be. I hope he appeals. As Londoners, we urged Ken Livingstone not to apologise, and now we urge him not to accept the ruling.

Update: London Mayor Ken Livingstone faces month-long suspension over Nazi jibe on Wikinews