Andrew Collins starts a new blog

The 6music dj, tv scriptwriter and Radio Times film editor Andrew Collins has a new blog. His old blog was on the 6music website (which he managed to keep up for 35 weeks, writing stacks and stacks).

In the first post of his new blog, he outlines his reasons for switching sites:

"The drawback with the 6 Music diary was that a) the BBC had to stress at the end of each entry that my views were not necessarily those of the corporation's - which of course they're not - and b) I had no access to it. I just delivered the words once a week and they were added to the site by someone with the accreditation and software to get under the bonnet. I became a passive observer of my own blog, unable without a palaver to go back in and tweak things. Or indeed to add a two-line ponder on a Tuesday evening about Larry David or coal tits."

Shame on the BBC for not giving him access to blog-writing tools proper. Although well done for giving Nick Robinson a proper blog (powered by Movable Type), especially after Paul Mason argued that it was better to be using the software that everyone else is, rather than developing your own in-house stuff.