'Power to the People', says inquiry

Was impressed enough the The Independent's front page today to go and find about more about The POWER inquiry report that they covering. With a title of "Power to the People", and promises that it was from an independent inquiry after having collected a huge amount of evidence, it had to be interesting.

The Independent's main angle was on the calls for electoral reform, as it has been running a campaign on the issue since the last election. Also recommended in the report though is the lowering of the voting age to 16, decentralising power, finding mechanisms to support a greater number of political parties, and giving citizens the power to initiate legislation - all promising stuff, and I'm firmly agreeing so far.

I've dashed out a news article on it for Wikinews - "POWER inquiry calls for radical power shift in British Democracy", but of course like all good journalists, I haven't actually read it yet - at 352 pages long, that'll have to wait. But I have downloaded the full report (PDF), and scan read the Executive Summary (PDF).

Meanwhile, some dude on Wikinews has said I'm a 'gutsy reporter', which Wikinews apparently needs more of.

Update: The report I initiated for Wikinews is currently on their front page:

Wikinews front page:'POWER inquiry calls for radical power shift in British Democracy'