Photoshoot at the Science Museum

Spent my day at work (the Science Museum in South Kensington) today with some photographers, doing a photoshoot for our new website. Because they were from an external agency, I had to supervise them all day, but it was good fun and meant a day out of the office.

The aim was for the photos to convey the epic scale and "wow factor" of the museum. In exploring the galleries with the photographers, I was reminded how we really do have this at the museum. The Making the Modern World gallery is pretty damn stunning, filled with big impressive objects - everything from the famous Rocket locomotive to the Clock of Long Now - but the Flight, Energy Hall and Space galleries are all deeply impressive too. Even though I've been through them many times, I still somehow manage to stumble across things - like a whole helicopter or a model satellite - that have been crammed into a corner somewhere or skillfully hung from the ceiling.

I somehow managed to find myself posing within some of the shots we took - as finding willing models isn't the easiest task when you've got an imposing kit of lights, camera and reflectors with you - but I've been assured that in most of them I'm tastefully silhouetted, so it shouldn't get too embarassing.

I look forward to being able to show you the photos within the new website. Won't be for a while yet though.