Pixar animation exhibition and website

An exhibition celebrating 20 years of the Pixar animation studios opens in the Science Museum on Saturday. If you had looked at the websites of the Evening Standard or the Metro today, you wouldn't possibly have been able to miss this fact, as our marketing department have bought three massive banner ads on their homepages, in what I understand in marketing-speak is called a 'roadblock':

Hopefully it'll bring some traffic to our supporting website for the exhibition, which has a nifty little flash animation app. I can't claim any credit for this mini-project, except for the fact that I did draw the cute octopus/ghost that you can see on the launching page:

Pixar: 20 Years of Animation - Animator

The application itself is a fairly simple flipbook-type affair, with multiple frames, an 'onion-skin' layer to help you animate, and a few drawing tools (which include a star, an x-sided polygon and a lines, but no circle or fill). It's pretty nifty all in all, you can send you finished animation to a few friends, and there's also a competition.