Frankie on FiveLive

Phew, I made it through the Student Radio Spring Conference 2006, where I spent Monday to Wednesday this week running around welcoming speakers, chatting to delegates, and introducing the sessions.

I'll probably write more about the sessions and the organising and thinking behind the conference over the next few days, but first I just wanted to quickly plug my appearance, with some other student radio broadcasters, on the Five Live Pods and Blogs show (10 April 2006). We joined the programme live from 1AM to 3AM in the morning, broadcasting from the BBC Radio Solent studios in Southampton.

It was great to on the show and talk about student radio and podcasting, and hopefully my contribution was interesting. You can listen again online from the BBC website over the next five days or so.

The only bad thing about doing the show was that it meant getting to bed at 3.10AM, when I had to get up at 7.30AM the next day, so I was pretty tired. But it was very exciting and well worth it. I even had a few friends contact me afterwards who heard me on the show.