The Smoothie Blog

I like drinking fruit smoothies, and the Innocent range is definitely the best of the bunch (even if the most expensive). Their website is okay too, and recently they've started a blog.

The blog was all going okay, but then they posted two posts one Friday afternoon, one containing a picture of their Dutch marketing team and another containing pictures of their promotional 'stop trottoirs'. I was frustrated to see these two heavily marketing-led posts, neither of which was particularly interesting. As I like the company, and thought they could do better, I left a comment accusing them of vanity publishing and urging them to publish some more serious posts.

Their main blogger, Dan, has been quick to respond to my comments, and I ended up posting some suggestions of stories I'd like them to tell, which they've now reposted as a general blog post asking for more suggestions from other people.

So full marks to Innocent for reacting well to my criticisms, and for being ready to have the conversation. They've readily admitted to 'being new to this blogging thing', and so it's good to see them take ideas on board. I've seen so many companies fail to really 'get' blogging, so it will be interesting to see how their blog develops.

Update: There's been lots of good discussion in the comments about the kinds of things that Innocent should be talking about on the blog. Although amusingly some of the commenters seem to think I'm female...