Theatre Museum

The news broke this week that the Theatre Museum in London's Covent Garden is likely to close from January (see BBC news article). The future of the museum had been in doubt for a while, after two major bids for lottery funding were turned down. It now looks likely that the collections will move, with some sort of presence in the V&A's main site in South Kensington.

Museums are fairly consistantly strapped for cash, but the closure of a whole site, particularly one in such a centre location, is pretty sad. I have visited the museum once, with my secondary school drama class, and remember being impressed by the things they had on offer and the workshops they put on for our class, but I can't remember much about the actual space.

There's some discussion of the news on the forums of the Theatre Museum's website, including much gossip, rumours, and heart-felt messages of support from the museum's fans.