Giant Leaps - science and The Sun

Not sure quite how I feel yet about Giant Leaps, a book about science that the Science Museum has co-produced with The Sun newspaper. It has, however, received all sorts of praise from some high-profile figures, including Buzz Aldrin, Education Secretarty Alan Johnson, Sir David Attenborough, Robert Winston, Sir Patrick Moore, Jon Snow, and - get this - Tony Blair.

The format of the book is that, on each page, a scientific idea/discovery is presented, with a witty mockup of how The Sun would have covered it on the right, and a more detailed explanation provided by the Science Museum on the left. Tony Blair joked about it being an odd pairing of the two institutions, but said "I wish there had been a book like this to awaken my interest in science and make me want to find out more". There are sample pages aplenty on The Sun's website.

(I work at the Science Museum but wasn't involved in the book's production at all. Any views represented here are my own and don't represent the museum.)