Your toy, on display, in an exhibition in a national museum

Today and tomorrow are the last two days in which you can lend your favourite toy to the Science Museum, where it will sit on display in an exhibition open until the end of January. National museums, such as the Science Museum, have strict rules about object acquisitions, and so can rarely accept donated objects, despite receiving loads of offers. So this really is a rare chance to have your object (so long as it's a toy) on display. Read Playing with Science - displaying your toy for more info.

I coined the phrase 'user generated exhibition' to describe concept, over on our new media team's development blog. The exhibition of the toys lent so far is already quite fascinating to see in the flesh, and you can get a glimpse of it online in the poloroid-style gallery that I knocked together. Looking through the toys is an almost voyeuristic pleasure, a chance to see the things that have been important in other people's lives.

The two toys that I've lent to the exhibition are a diablo, which has fond memories for me of summer holidays, and a monorail, lent more because it's an interesting and good-looking object.

Incidentally, the V&A's Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green re-opens today, following months of rennovation works. The museum has an enormous collection of toys, so if you like them as much as I do then it should be worth a visit. Exhibitions open there include a celebration of Miffy's birthday and the making of a children's book.

Playing with Science - Your Favourite Toys is open at the Science Museum until the end of January 2007. Toys can be brought in any time on the weekend of the 9th-10th December 2006. The Museum of Childhood re-opens from 12:00 midday on 9th December 2006. 'Happy Birthday Miffy' is open until 18th March 2007, 'Alfred and the Pirates - The Making of a Children's Book' is open until 15th April 2007.