on TV tonight: new parrot logo

This weblog is getting to be a bit broken at the moment. I've reached the disk space limit for my hosting deal, and don't want to have to pay for the next step up. The bandwidth is exceeding 3GB a month too, and costing a small fortune. I'm hoping to solve this by moving the blog to a new hosting provider, but this will take a few more weeks as I'm playing with the design and some back-end complications at the same time.

Meanwhile, I'm continuing to write TV previews for on TV tonight, which I launched a couple of months ago. It's been quite fun to sift through the press releases and pick out the most potentially interesting bits of telly. I had hoped to be organised enough to write a week's worth in advance, but instead I've slipped into the habit of writing it day by day, a few hours in advance, which adds a bit of (perhaps helpful) deadline pressure.

Since launch I've also added a site masthead, using the logo of a parrot carrying a remote control (below). It's inspired the by the Independent Masthead, but hopefully adds a playful twist. I like the fact that the website is about television, but borrows design elements from newspapers.

The illustration work was by Chris Davidson, who I found using the job bidding website iFreelance.com.