Quick update

I've been too exhausted, lately, to update this blog much, or write much of substance. Mainly from the stresses and efforts in trying to buy a flat, which is predictably quite hard work.

I have been keeping up with my two new-ish side-projects, on TV tonight and Popular Misconceptions, both of which encourage me to write small amounts of text in a set format on a regular basis, which is quite pleasing.

I'm still doing stuff at work on the Science Museum and Dana Centre websites, and a few projects in the pipeline, including what should be a great online physics simulation game for the new Launchpad gallery.

Despite the lack of time to do much outside of work though, I've still got loads of ideas, concepts and lines of research buzzing around in my head. In lieu of having the time to investigate and write about these properly, I thought I'd jot down some of these here. So excuse the braindump.