Launching Launchball

Thought I'd break blog silence (only just got internet at home again) to post a link to Launchball, a game that we've just launched on the Science Museum website. I'm immensely proud of it - even though an agency, Preloaded, did the actual design and production for us. Pushing through the idea of simply doing a single, open-ended physics-based-game was quite hard work though, not to mention all the toing and froing over every aspect of the design, features, functions, and so on.

The game has two main branches - the normal levels (of which I created quite a few - see if you can guess which ones), and 'create and share', where users can create and share their own levels. This latter mode, a kind of 'sandbox mode', was really important, for me at least, as it removes all the preset limits and just allows you to play with all the blocks in a free-form, constructivist manner.

Hope you enjoy the game. There's still a few minor bugs at the moment, but they'll get ironed out over the coming days. If you love it as much as I do, please help spread the word (and the link) through your social networks.

Update: Launchball made it to the front page of Digg, which promptly overloaded our server, so we've had to take it down for a while - we'll try and get it back up as soon as possible.

Further update: It's back!