Getting back into blogging

Okay, so I think everybody should be seeing this new blog now (the DNS change takes a while to update).

You'll notice that this is a fairly standard Wordpress installation, and currently looks much like millions of other blogs out there. Well, that's because I've spent around two years waiting to get round to redesigning the blog (including two half-finished attempts). In the end, a friend advised me against procrastination, and to just plump for one of the default themes and get on with it. So that's what I've done. Of course, I hope to switch to a more interesting design sometime soon, but experience tells me that that may or may not happen.

In the spirit of 'just getting on with it', I've been adding links to the blogs of my friends and contacts to a 'Blogroll' in the sidebar. I've never been convinced of the usefulness of this before, but I've found it a useful way of discovering blogs through other blogs, and perhaps it helps to reinforce a [local] blogging community? Anyway, I haven't exhaustively trawled through my Google Reader for links to add yet, so if you're not there, please don't be offended.

In a final piece of blogging introspective, I've been wondering what topics I should be writing about. It seems to be often suggested that, in order to best reach an audience, you should stick to a narrow range of topics. Looking at the tag cloud of my blog posts (currently on the sidebar), it seems that, over the past 5 years, I've mostly written about London, the BBC, websites, news and radio. Although there's probably a 'long tail' of more diverse topics.

What should I conclude from this? Well, I think it's best to just write about whatever your current interest is. And whilst my interest wanders around quite a lot, at the moment I'm doing a lot of thinking about the design of experiences within spaces (mainly physical, but also online). This comes partly from working in a museum with exhibitions, but also from a love of carefully constructed spaces such as theme parks, zoos and green spaces like parks and gardens. So I'll be focusing on those topics, but of course I reserve the right to meander quite widely.