Museums and wikis

A suggestion has come up at work (The Science Museum) to do some kind of wiki for museum objects, to coincide with an upcoming exhibition. So I've been starting to think about what form this might take. I've had a fair bit of experience with wikis, from being a participant in Wikipedia and Wikinews, and launching a student radio wiki whilst Chair of the Student Radio Association, so I'm well versed in the benefits that a wiki can have. However, I'm also very aware that you can't just launch a wiki and expect it to be successful. It has to have a clear purpose, and a clear community of contributors, and be able to grow organically. Plus, if you're doing a wiki that's at all factual, there has to be a clear difference between it and Wikipedia, which has such a wide scope it can almost encompass anything.

I've been looking at the National Archives' Your Archives project, which is being held up as an example. They seem to have fallen into the trap of creating lots and lots of 'stub' pages of content, however, with hundreds of references to particular documents, which just look empty, and make it very hard to find where there's any genuine activity.

If anyone knows of any other museum-type institutions which have wiki projects that we can examine, please let me know. I do think that we may be able to produce a wiki project that makes sense, but it will certainly take some considered thought.