Deadlines, schmeadlines

I'm currently writing an essay to a deadline, January 31st, which is uncomfortably reminding me what it was like being a student. Okay, it's technically a paper rather an essay, and it's not being marked, but the pressure feels real enough. The title is 'Exploring museum collections online: the quantitative method', and it's a paper that I'll be presenting at the the Museums & Web 2008 conference in Montréal in April. The paper gets published online (you can see the abstract already), and I think a selection of the papers will get published in a hard-copy format, and on CD-ROM (which seems kinda quaint).

I'm making good progress (the outline has been in my head for a while), but bad student habits are creeping back in, like leaving all the work of finding the references till the last minute.

Partly in the way of procrastination (another bad student habit), I've been playing around with the theme for this blog. It's now a rather tasteful brown design, rather than the Wordpress default. It needs a bit more customisation, but I hope it's a step up. I've also been wondering far too much about the differences between tags and categories (Wordpress let's you have both), and what useful categories might be, other than 'Uncategorised'. I'm sure this doesn't really matter though. Annoyingly, there's no blogroll by default in this theme, so I'll work on adding that back at some point too. Anything else I need?