Museums and the Web 2008 conference feedback

I arrived back in the UK yesterday from Canada, after attending the Museums and the Web 2008 conference. After a day of sleeping off the jet-lag and generally being a bit confused, I realised this morning that I forgot to fill in my feedback form (despite several pleas from the conference organisers in the closing session). In the spirit of openness which came out from the conference, I thought I'd offer some constructive feedback here.

(Photo by me, licensed under CC-BY)

Generally, I really enjoyed the conference, and had a great time, so I'm not going to bother going over everything that I liked about it. However a there are some notable elements that are worth mentioning, for the sake of other conference organisers if nothing else:

Okay, so time for some negative feedback (and these are mostly more specific to the particular conference):

I hope these points are useful, and I invite other participants to leave a comment if they agree or disagree (or have any other bits of feedback they want to make public).

The only other minor quibble I have is that the style guidelines for the written papers should be updated so that "Web site" can be spelled "website" and "on-line" can be spelled "online". :-)

Update: Mia has blogged her feedback too.